Chloroquine dna supercoiling

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    Chloroquine dna supercoiling

    Supercoiling is important in a number of biological processes, such as compacting DNA, and by regulating access to the genetic code, DNA supercoiling strongly affects DNA metabolism and possibly gene expression. Additionally, certain enzymes such as topoisomerases are able to change DNA topology to facilitate functions such as DNA replication or transcription.

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    As the global supercoiling state of the chlamydial plasmid changed more than twofold between 24 and 46 hpi, we isolated the native plasmid at additional time points during the developmental cycle to determine the temporal pattern of DNA supercoiling in Chlamydia. We electrophoresed the plasmids on agarose gels at different chloroquine concentrations to best resolve the topoisomer bands. The DNA intercalating agent chloroquine is sometimes added to the electrophoresis gel and buffer to resolve highly negatively supercoiled DNA species. As a variation, DNA supercoiling can be analyzed on a two-dimensional 2D gel, in which DNA samples are first run in the absence of chloroquine and then in a perpendicular direction after equilibration with chloroquine. Addition of 10 μg/ml chloroquine salt solution to both the gel and running buffer allows relaxed circular DNA to migrate further while supercoiled circular DNA is retarded in the gel and remains.

    Adding or subtracting twists, as some enzymes can do, imposes strain. In a "relaxed" double-helical segment of B-DNA, the two strands twist around the helical axis once every 10.4–10.5 base pairs of sequence.

    Chloroquine dna supercoiling

    Time-resolved chloroquine-induced relaxation of supercoiled., Circular DNA - an overview ScienceDirect Topics

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  6. Positively supercoiled DNA is generated when chloroquine binds to very relaxed molecules, and these topoisomers can be resolved using two‐dimensional chloroquine gels; here, a higher chloroquine concentration 25 µg ml −1 in the second dimension causes the positively supercoiled DNA to migrate faster than negatively supercoiled DNA.

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    Determining whether a plasmid contains positively or negatively supercoiled DNA is possible, thanks to an agarose gel containing an intercalating agent known to positively supercoil DNA, such as chloroquine. The speed of migration of the topoisomers varies in a characteristic way in the presence and absence of the agent. Supercoiling When the DNA helix has the normal number of base pairs per helical turn it is in the relaxed state. Changing this normal amount of twist can be demonstrated by grasping both ends of a short linear model one to two complete turns and twisting the ends in opposite directions. Because chloroquine induces positive supercoiling, at this low concentration, the negatively supercoiled DNA should relax and run more slowly than negatively supercoiled DNA more chloroquine will.

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